Updated Benefits Information for April 2020

To: Frontier Door & Cabinet Employees,

We recently provided guidance to employees who were furloughed in the month of March that benefits would remain effective through March 31st, 2020 and that employees would be able to elect Cobra to extend coverage for the month of April. This information was based on an initial, third-party assessment of our benefits plan design.

However, we have since received updated guidance and are pleased to inform employees enrolled in any of Frontier Door’s benefits plans (Medical, Dental, Vision, FSA) that elected benefits will remain in effect for the month of April 2020. Employee contributions for benefits plans will be deducted on the 4/10/2020 pay date as normal. If employees currently enrolled in benefits remain furloughed for the 4/24/2020 pay date, Frontier Door will cover the cost of the employee’s contribution for that pay date and the furloughed employee will provide catch up contributions upon return to work from being furloughed. Employees enrolled in benefits who return to work during the 4/24/2020 pay date payroll period will have their employee contributions deducted as normal from the 4/24/2020 biweekly pay date.

We will continue to keep employees updated with any changing information should it impact our benefits plans.

Please reach out to Miguela directly at 253 394 4528 if you have any questions.

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